Homegirl, Jenna, AND Alice,

I have explained my hesitations citing things feeling too good to be true. I’m easing into this new reality steadily, I feel. Thank you for your patience!

Today, November 3rd, 2021 is a brand-new day! I just ate a cup of oatmeal, yogurt and blueberries. I am looking forward to seeing you and other friends this morning! I can’t wait to see where this bit of wiggle room takes me.

I stood up for myself during my group yesterday. I feel I have been taking back control of my life lately. It feels great! This new template will add nicely to that momentum. I am a butterfly and spreading my wings fully is going to look damn near magical.

It’s early, I hope you are still snuggly warm in bed. If I do not hit the gym today, I’ll definitely be doing curls here at home.
I am not rushing a thing right now. I need to learn how to relax my ambitions a bit to more easily enjoy my day-to-day life.

MOST of my goals, for MOST of my life have strictly revolved around being able to provide for, and love a growing family. I feel I’m making great progress there. “Remember KYLE, just breathe.” Stars are still aligning!


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