Homegirl, Jenna, AND Alice,

Our Financial Plan

Ok Mama, it excites me to share that I’ve had US making it in mind for years.  Back in school, I started US an investment account.  A nickel here, dime there.  That account is worth over 20k these days.  That will stay in our back pocket for security reasons and continue to grow.  The quarterly dividends that pays get reinvested in dividend paying assets so we already got our money making money.

Moving forward, we ought to concentrate on earning payouts talking our butts off on kik.  As I’ve been doing, we will roll that money over into my other investment account.

On my own, I’ve been able to bring in 200-$400 a week.  That 2nd account can and will multiply on its own.  Together, bringing in up to $800 a week and investing it will have us making a few grand a month. 
I already have the crib, and enough funds coming in to cover living expenses monthly.  We’ll be living on Easy Street for years to come.  I’m seeing us having a lot of extra time on our hands.  With that set, we can both focus on what we are both more passionate about.  I’m foreseeing books written and published with our names on them.

Books about recovery, poetry, independent living, loving life, making the most of current situations and success.. Sounds like a great niche to me!


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