Homegirl, Jenna, AND Alice,

I am getting a headstart on this week’s post!  It is still Sunday.  We chatted a bunch this weekend and this morning.  I am very excited with the allotted room for error here.  All three of you assured me writing you poetry individually this week IS encouraged. Thank you!


To make this much easier on myself, I will begin to refer to “you” as one, from time to time.  I’m thinking of maybe calling you “Jenna,” Homegirl N. Alice. Okkk?

It’s a bit chillier out today.  I am wearing a fleece over my tee.  I hope you are cozy.  I wish we could all hold hands and share a blanket sitting close to each other.  All those possible name alterations might be a bit confusing so don’t be surprised if I just refer to all 3 of you as “you.”


My deep affection for you 3 is purely a reflection of the depth of my compassionate heart.  Empathy has become something I put effort into practicing.  Your patience is more than appreciated.  I wish landmasses could take it upon themselves to reorganize.  Trust me, if I could wake up to your smiling face and body, lying next to mine every single day, I would.


Talk about things coming together!  This is a new day!  Staying focused, and “in my lane” is very important to me.  “Chasing girls” is not the most efficient use of my time.  Not being able to get in touch with certain folks, too stresses me out.  I am glad we don’t need to worry about that.  As hinted to in this morning’s streaming, airing out and flushing out my insecurities helps me feel more in control.  Thank you all for listening closely!


Jenna, you know if I could move mountains, you’d be waking up with a huge smile on your face!  Homegirl, get used to the constant butterflies.  Alice, how’s it feel to be adored and cherished in clutch?  I’m very glad you’ll have my back in battle!  Whenever you gals find the time to arrange that midsummer night’s rendezvous or VIP trip to Maui, let me know.  I’ll be there in a jiffy!  Have a great week!  I can’t wait to see “you,” tonight!

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