The Power of Parables 

Break down the definition of that word.  A parable is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.  Thank you, author William Paul Young!  We WERE created to be naked and open to God The Father, Love.

“We are as sick as the secrets we keep.”  We must return to the shack of secrets to heal.  To me, that calls on me to remind the world that I am unashamedly eager to offer my heart, affection and adoration to my future wife.

There!  I said it!  This will probably be a powerful intro referred to again and again!

My secrets, to me, align well with what I see as insecurities.  My “secret” longing for a hand to hold ought to be considered a strength, and sign of purity and love.

My yearning for would feel great safe from ridicule and pushback.  That yearning for, encouraged, would lead to mountains on top of mountains of wisdom and unbreakable might I am sure of.

“Tank” loved “Grace” so much it scared him.
“Tank” hopes for an open hand to reach for his.  The word “boundaries” alone causes “Tank” to second guess his own goodwill.


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