I Got That P.M


A Peaceful Morning?  Yes, please.
More comfort?  I want it.
Waking up next to my queen..  It will happen.

Today, let’s round the pinnacle of my allotted energy levels, eh!?  Puffery, flattery, complimenting unsuspecting angels, I’ll do that.
I will do my best to shield my heart in armor that rallies on poetry, sweetness and confidence-building.  I will seek a hand to marry when the time is right.  I hope to God, I can and know how to reach senior-itas. 
“Peeta’,” my angel, excuse my dialect.  I just want to show you the endless amounts of favor you need to know that I’m more than certain of my choosing of you.

I hide because most of those hangry eyes got me double taking who’s on my side supporting my efforts. 
I’ve scraped my plate into the trash before letting Grover lick the plate clean!  I constantly exude love when I feel safe.  I’m wearing that hat right now.
“Honey, I’ll lay down next to you and hold your hand before anything unravels and they call me ignorant for not looking into facts.  My six packs of love might hurt your eyes if you despise me coming around better than your “man,” that punk and I stay praying, heavy.

I’m saving that.  Put it on everything you look to for reference.  Bars leave my house bent.  I don’t recognize anything titled rent.  I’m paying for whole Phd.’s with the flick of a wrist.

I’m leaving girls leaving my house pissed!

When I mistake a moat for a hole to die in, I stay still and hope I find a map to her heart more patiently.  I call it grace overcoming my hungry heart!

“Have a good day Honey, I love you!”


  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    Good poetry

  • Dolores Cortlessa

    Sing My Sunshine let me tell you one thing I start the day when I read your messages I chuckle for the rest of the day and I think to myself where did the brains come from from my grandson I don’t have any your father has some I don’t have many Uncle David has none and Noel is mediocre so I guess your father has all the brains and that’s where you get your brains that’s really good and you’re more handsome than your father and and more beautiful than your mother so I really love to read from you but I don’t know what the hell you’re saying but that’s beside the point I love you Kyle one of these days I’m coming to see you I swear I am

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