Guardian Angel,


I wish we could talk!  That’s it.  I’ve yet to speak on the phone with you.  Skimming my posts, you may not connect the dots just yet.  I avoid addressing primarily you by name to avoid the onslaught of bad reactions and negative, skeptical feedback.

This post is a benchmark in my progress.  Today is a big day.  I have in-home therapy starting back up today AND rock climbing tonight.

I think about the fun moments we have shared and regret not telling you I love you more often.  It seems we are out of creamer.  Please sweeten my coffee by swirling your finger in my cup.  I want to marry you, dawg.  It feels great to be able to say that without cowering in fear. 

Stay focused, sweetie.  I’m right here.  Send me a note or a letter please.  Tell me to worry less, exude more love and energy and feel good showering you in love.

Do you think that’s enough distance?  I think I‘m about to jump ahead, leap forward in my life.  Being able to provide for you is important for me.  I hope you bear with me and see me through uncertain times.  I hope you see this post in time and encourage me to start manifesting you a bit closer.

I dream of Jeannie. I gotta get in the shower soon!  Being able to summons you comforting me is a hurdle still.  I’ll work on that!  Have a great day!

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