1st Step

Yes! I am MORE HOPEFUL with THESE KINDS OF INFLUENCES in my life! I am currently still working on feeling secure, smiling blissfully!
I am working tirelessly towards fulfilling the responsibilities of a “real man,” including providing for a wife and family, managing the estate, growing our financial independence, remaining mindful and staying out of the way of certain “fire-breathing dragons!”

I feel additional moral support there could only be a positive! That’s appreciated. Rikers island-styled lifestyles is exactly what y’all need to be seen on the scene. Saved, you bet!

Me piloting everything from here on out and staying within the lines is more than anyone could have asked for. Are you blind?
Don’t hit rewind unless you’re coming back mighty Joe Young stronger. Are you in it to stay within reach? Are you ready to let go of a lot of my misconduct learning?

I am longwinded. That’s where I’m most passionate at. Thanks!

Sometimes I like to wrap meat to pay bills. I’m independent, to a degree. Understand, you’ll get my 150 instantly, and then I’ll ball. I’ll be like paw patrol coming in on your tv. Get out of here! Miss me! Kiss me! Next time you see me, I’ll be 10 feet tall.

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