Hey Oriole, 🦅 🎵

I’ll swat at you like I’m Kong.

I’ll vibe with ‘fitty while drinking coffee.

I would have much rather followed through with proposing if I felt better about those prospects. I’m focusing on growing riches to share with a misses now. Don’t get this twisted. I’ll be walking to the nearby gym soon. Rocky style. Don’t call me Kyle. This is a trial with style and vial and loose ends acting haywire.

Side eying me will hurt your neck. I bet everything including my livelihood, daily.

I do it. Live on fake money swirling hurrying tongs picking on me. Don’t tell me you’re crying. Show me the pails of tears you made. It hardly looks you want to stand by a man, miss independent. I’m impressed you made it through life this far. Walking in hot tar makes your legs feel like mine.


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