Hold On Tighter!

Miss Mast,
Ima get beat with a ruler for sharing that I think of you!
This week, I threw the book at those hoes you worked for.  I do not need to worry about them documenting any of the sh!t I write down and log.  I can’t get them to open up a single email with any integrity in my favor, why would they mind a few jabs and a left hook from me at all!?
Miss Pelosi,
You’re a doll too!  I’d love to MARRY YOU too!  Try adding to my confidence levels by talking things out openly.

Ok, so here on (08/07/2021), I think I made great progress already by 09:10 AM. I overcame the threats I feel on my life by sharing how much I love individuals.

So…. If you’re in support of me coming full circle and making both our dreams come true, lmk! -hearts always!
I’m attempting to show a an ounce of what I’m capable of. This is me unispired. Just wait til you’ve got me smiling again!

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    Not sure quite where you were going with this one.

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