Gooood Morning FREAKS!

I’m waking up happy. I’m sipping a coffee. Sure, my t-shirt, as ripped as it may be looks a little grungy full of eye boogies and slobber. I can feel my abs, moderately defined under my shirt. It makes me so freaking happy to think “Ahhh, this is the life!”

😊 I’m not stressed about our crumbling economy. I’m not worried about THIS POST being showed to supervisors. I’m not putting too much thought into irrational consequences. It’s all mixing to create a beautiful mural of sweat, dedication and effort, being guarded by my cavalier, “Untouchable” mentality.

Calm the heck down! I care too much! I value people, places and things probably too much. It’s gotten me in trouble in the past. (by people who think their roles play a larger role in my life than they do).

Down by the bay…. I’m waking up and staying comfortable in my ‘jamas longer than usual today. If that’s what I need to do, mention my stressors, breathe through them and let them go first, to start a humbling week…
Well.. get comfy. Now, I can make intentional efforts and use my moderated levels of energy (love) to handle everything that’s coming at me this week!

Chuckles at the anticipated uptick in post views. (Running around with your fingers in your ears doesn’t work, mice!) “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” “GO TO THE GYM, TOO!”


Oh! You want in on what I find bothersome!? Really? Quite frankly, it’s you getting by underperforming? I’m giving 150 of myself at all times. Don’t get confused, I schedule naps twice a day most days.

You being thought of as accountable is a joke. To me, I think it’s best I hold my tongue. They all think I’m “ON ATTACK” WHEN I’m just loosening my belt. I wish I got handed a salary WATCHING KYLE WORK HIS ASS OFF, too!

What really eats at me is all along around these professional “advocates,” I’ve been hushed into a corner. If you notice, I throw every single thing I can at the classes that won’t move their asses to save a life just to be heard. Last effort, I murdered the thought that I was considerate by just googling mugshots and sharing a screenshot



“Juliet,” my soul aches for ya.  I face so many obstacles, I’m nervous to move a finger.  One wrong step will get me serving time for myself. my neighbors and the whole town.
How’s shelf-life feel?  Let me know if I need to dust soon.
You know I bloom daily knowing you’re waiting for me.  I accept that my vibrations and frequencies beat at a different tempo than 95% of the people around me.
They are the lucky ones.  I take the trash out daily.  I have the gym here in 80 minutes for a good two hours.  I will work on building the confidence during my travels today to tape you in place with a recorded version no one else sees.
It’s a shame zoning has been updated and addresses have changed.  Sure, I’ll give myself that room for error.
I will continue pruning these flowers as I mold and reshape this clay.  I’m still bashful and nervous calling people I wish I knew better friends already.

If you ask me, I am outdoing bests, outworking “associates,” and outstanding!  I mentally send you love and energy hourly.
I hope once people get their heads cleared, they will recognize these practices will take you further in life than constantly criticizing, constantly finding issue with and opposing everything I bring to the table.
“Support” even gets upset when I mask you with names that sound familiar, Nick! 
Have a great day, baby!  Ignore anyone telling you to hush! – Romeo

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