Yea, miss F.,

Firstly, thanks for the room to practice my self-advocacy!

Thanks so much for the fresh slab of beef! My tastebuds were craving it, don’t worry. I guess I’ll add you to that list too, huh?

Now, whoever is really in charge over there at Neuro… YOU may want to leave a note on their desk, excusing your lack of follow-up, or a rubric for petition to be shut down as a whole citing lack of client satisfaction. I’d settle for a settlement without my freshly acquired legal team all over the correspondence these last several years (or a handwritten note saying sorry!), but that makes me look like I think I deserve respect, reciprocal effort, communication, and kindness.

Hint: Don’t assure somebody you’re in active talks with that you are going to personally stay on top of concerns voiced via verbal conversation, if you’re not. Thanks!

Who do I plead my case to now? Do you have an assistant that I should communicate through to get through to you? I hate creating issues. I want to stand up for myself, self-advocate. I shared that with you.

Who do I ask questions of? Who there at home base wants to listen to me whine about the hundreds of nightmares I’ve lived through dealing with a Miss A., Mike, the bus-full of therapists that nowhere near have met expectations, the scary phonecalls I get or my insurance still being charged, huhhh!?

Do your other clients a favor and cross the word “accountable” off your resume if it’s there. AGAIN, I’ll pose the question.. If I ignored any emails that made you or anybody else on your team cry while they wrote them, I bet sessions would go on pause or be penalized.

I know I’d feel bad if I left anybody on the paying side of a transaction beating himself up for things not getting handled maturely. Thanks for listening Miss Fendler!

I thought you guys as a whole would be especially more sensitive to the needs of someone in my position. My runny nose hardly has anything to do with allergies. I’m allergic to being ignored and put at the end of the list, forgive me!

My idea of you being accountable is having my questions answered before I ask them. Thanks!

Sometimes you gotta break a couple shells to make an omelette!

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