“Terry,” The Tadpole


Yes..  Manifesting might be taking the place of meditating lately.  But, It feels good
Wake up call!  I was in the right lane the whole freaking time.  Encouragement, and people not flipping their lids, helps.  Now, if I could only find you and sink my chompers into you with ease, Honey Bun I’d be overjoyed.  (Back on top!)

Your midsection, honey dearest I have to think makes all the girls jealous.  Addressing you, this morning anyways feels supported.  I want you to find and contact me in a way I am not afraid.  Ok? 
I face monsters in my sleep.  Hold my hand, for God’s sake.  He delivers me to your front doorstep when I’m not shuttered in.

Morning dose of flattery: CHECK!

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