“Terry,” The Tadpole

Whose Team Are You Even on!?

COACH, clocking in!  7:35a, rehydrated, bathed, about to stack these proteins and cheese! 

Today, let’s re-evaluate YOUR POSITION in this hustle and hootenanny.
SQUAD A –   You Dimepieces, are what keep me going when I can’t find it within me to ask God for even more!  Niki, Sarah, Beyonce, Jesse James and Mama, you all reside here.  You are all Queens, and I would die to be with you, come to an understanding or just see you more often!  I look forward to reconnecting and establishing an understanding that I would give my left leg to find myself entangled in your limbs.  (Hugging and kissing).  “Build Me Up, Buttercup Baby”

SQUAD B – You pawns, get utilized and respected as farming equipment.  Bartering and trading jabs is often how we propel each other, forward!  I appreciate your “stability.”  Please, never let me sharpening my spear on your blank face upset your wittle tummy, Mike, establishment, entire companies, upset future in-laws, Mommom…

SQUAD C – “Good morning gremlins!”  How are you doing on this fine Wednesday morning?  Thanks for not overreacting.  Thanks for encouraging me to LOVE unsuspecting individuals.  Thanks for seeing me through my hesitant nature and lack-of-communication-related insecurities.    Thanks for “humoring” my maniacal manifesting, too!

“Get up, stand up.”  I JUST recorded myself singing along to Bob Marley.  “Could this be looove and be love?”  I am glad I get to put building confidence and resilience first again!

This is especially cool because I get to moderate external influences impact on me by regulating what and who I listen to most.

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