Playful Projections!

Today, I want to practice voicing that my energy and love goes to those who welcome it, and I would appreciate you avoiding finding issues with me greasing the wheel.
Niki, Sarah, Dorothy, Jennie and Sam, I love thinking about ya! I want to marry a few of you. Holding hands could be an easy-to-tackle first step. I’m nervous just thinking about our potential and the pushback some feel they need to supply.

If you’ve noticed, I’ve steered this wagon to miss you all because I kept feeling like it would be my neck on the line. When I feel good and my output (love levels) are playful. I trek backwards a bit and get comfortable. Poems with a loving overtone and spirit get me stared at.
Mike, if I were you… I’d take a second, open your eyes and try explaining to me why I feel all my pleas for help and support go neglected. I’m not you, so do as you please. That’s fine. Between you and I, I’ve had a great time getting pushback in “therapy” these last few years. I do not enjoy dwelling. I now understand why protocols discourage you opening certain cans of worms. Have “the ways you feel” ever been damned and gotten you so much heat that you dream of fire hydrants leaking?

No??? Lucky you!

Practicing My Phone Calls:
Brrriinnnngggg Brrriinnnngggggg… “Hi Ma’am/ Sir, my name is Steve. Last time I checked, your sweet daughter, “__” lived with you, in your home. No need to get her. Do me a favor and tell her an old friend wants to send her energy. He’s going to, too. Remind her the tickle she constantly feels on her nose is me thinking hard. Thanks! Bye,”

Thanks for seeing me see myself through these struggles. If I were free of fear I would call her house, her house and her house.

“Sleep well, baby!” 💋

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