A #WIN in my Column

Hi.  Good morning!  It’s just after 10AM, Monday morning, the 12th of July.  I just got home from a heck of a workout with Jim.  Our 70 minute session included Chest Press, Hamstrings and Glutes, Leg Extensions and Biceps Curls.  I am ready to nap, I’ll tell ya that much!

I had a good, efficient morning.  I showered last night, washed up this morning, brushed my teeth, ate something light and was at the gym 10 minutes before the set time on my calendar.  We lifted from 8:20-9:30.
This morning, I woke up realizing again I could have saved myself a world of trouble and frustration simply using clearer language.  “Quote unquote caring,” can’t get ya in in trouble.  Ha!  I care for you, I care for you and I care for you, dollface.   I’m going to call that a #win.

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