This Week’s Chunk

Maybe this post should be titled “Today’s WOULD-BE Chunk.” My personal Coinbase watchlist points to ETH (Ethereum), BTC (Bitcoin), DOGE(Dogecoin), COMP (Compound) and KEEP (KEEP NETWORK). This is not financial advice. 2 of the 5 currencies I’m watching are on my list because people I know are interested in and/ or invested in them.

These past two days, everything on my list has been down, in the red. Standing out to me is ETH is down 10% today and KEEP is down over 14% today. ETH is still priced over $2100 and hovering between $2100 and $2400. My last investment in Ethereum was placed at $1830 give or take.

Now, Today’s WOULD-BE Chunk, let’s say I had $450 to invest this week. Out of a gut feeling as well as peeking at the graphs, I would place $200 in KEEP. $100 would go into growing my ETH holding. I would then put $50 into BTC, COMP and DOGE. ($200+$100+3x$50) = ($200+$100+$150).
Those last 3 cryptos mentioned do not come with much confidence in their sustainability. Seeing their volatility excites me though. That’s where I would move if I felt more comfortable day trading and making/ losing quick money.
Holding currencies with promising potential is more my speed. I’ve heard BTC’s latest target was $145.000.00. I am not super knowledgeable about the dominance war between BTC and ETH but “flippening” sounds like it being a race between these two coins. If BTC reaches $145,000 and it’s cheaper than ETH that means ETH is healthier and has potential greater than a $145,00 price target. I own over half an ETH now.
This is all me trying to rationalize next moves. Comment below if you have insights pointing to different results or bets. I am always more-than-willing to learn and listen. Have a good day! Set yourself up for success! Keep Pushing!

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