Hi friends. Apologies for my incoherent morning posts lately. I am acknowledging them and I am holding myself accountable to do better.

To the sissies, I’m sorry I offend you expressing myself.

To Harambe, you funny ape, I love you to death. I should avoid saying those words so I’ll say “Yes, I like you.”

To the family, I appreciate all of you crayons. I want to draw hearts for and with you.

In efforts to see the sunny side of things a bit more I am prepared to retreat and settle in my more comfortable “adoration-styled” posts. I am going to seek my heart and her heart more efficiently. I’m going to zip tie them together, so we don’t lose each other anytime soon ok!?

Thanks for listening and ignoring my darker output! I LOVE you, you, her and you! #suckonthat

To: The Incredibly Savory Miss M. ❤️/Kyle

I want to ❤️ you hard! I want to wed you. I want to support you. I want to punch these antagonists in the nose and leave them crying for a change.

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