Good Morning, Slackers! IT’S Been Huge!

Calm down! I am referring to my week. “Hi, Girls!” Do you recall that cage analogy I used to use that “bothered” certain individuals? Good! Do not bring it up again! I have cleared that hindrance like a champ and I’m on to bigger and better things.
I had a busy week! I lifted Monday, met with my financial team Tuesday, lifted BIG Wednesday, went rock climbing Thursday (climbed the wall 4 times, faster than ever) and now it’s Friday already. It is about 10 minutes of 6 in the morning. I might be heading to the shore later today, I might not.

Stay focused! Ethereum is back over $2000.00 this morning. 😊 I AM in the position to kick back and HODL more than ever right now! Stress? Over what?

Watch it, kid! Do not offend anyone this morning. Hmmm, can you do it!? Can you let things go!? Can you raise your fist in the air as you jog the victory lap? Mmmmm.. Mmmmmm.. Mmmmmmm…
Let’s see! I’m over here doing the chicken dance in between paragraphs!
This is going to count as benchmark 2021.1! ok? I’m about to take off, huh!? My coffee is about seven eights empty and I’m grinning from ear to ear! I gotta haircut this week and I look FABULOUS!

“Baby girl, you know my situation…” I’m bouncing back higher than ever! I’m clever, putting puzzle pieces together like Magic Johnson. Handing in assigned assignments in advance, doing school work in my sleep, studying my own moves!

This is a direct result, in Biggie’s voice, ha-ha-ha-ha. I KEEP PUSHING because it works. It has it’s perks after you put the work in. Check it, I relieve my stress these days tempting myself to raise the bar on official businesses. Focus! The degrees of separation I’ve been implementing are a scorcher! I’m hot!

Is there anything else you gotta get off your chest this morning, Kyle? I use my intellect to posture myself to reap rewards. Years of hard work go in! Results only seeping out at a delayed but manageable rate keep me smiling. I chew people up these days less than before and I’m calling that progress on the Having-Grace-Front. Is that enough!?

I have not even begun to mention the increased responsibility-weights I’m carrying these days! I’ve upped my fluid intake along with physical dominance, please rejoice. Drink water!

Hint: Reading through my posts eliminates assuming. I’m doing shoulder rolls with a fixed spine. Yea, that is probably something I should avoid but you’re not going to get very far lounging.
Do me a favor, have a great day then log it so I don’t need to hear you crying you are not reaching expectations. Thanks!

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