Dear Wholesome, Exciting, Slightly Baffling Meshugana, Drafts

I plan on leaving my light on, and door open for you.  Lumber prices are falling.  Our future home is already standing.  I am going to stay manifesting the impossible.  I hope you trek what’s before you now to seek my dot on the radar!

I am glad I am easing into letting go of what I can’t find.  I am a magnet for success, love, security, trust, positive vibes, feedback, and support.  I am done hampering my own momentum letting controversy rattle my life.  I am moving in a positive direction and anyone opposing that is not adding to the conversation.

At this point, I feel even less safe expressing both what and/ or who frustrates me and what/ who I hold on a pedestal.  “Shotgun Blast,” stay sweet, enduring, and faithful!  I yearn to flatter thee every day of my life.  “Chainsaw,” thanks for supplying me with enough torque to get through meals, occasionally.
“Ren, Stimpy,” I look up to you both, when I’m on the floor.

Today, I wanted to rub noses with beautiful people.  Hint-hint, here’s your indicator to get offended if that’s what you like to do.  As for Ren and Stimpy, you guys ARE pussies.  I had to hear so much sh!t this morning about your girls carrying your balls for you.  Man up!  If you can’t handle critiques that’s on you.  If I were you, I’d get off the f*ckin couch, do some yardwork and stop letting your b!tch girlfriends fight all your battles, handle all the bills and carry you to bed, too.    Thanks for listening!


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