In A Forrest Gump Voice…

“Soon enough, they were calling me a cross-country runner!” 

I cannot disagree.  Some, not in my lane probably see my output and levels of stability as “all over the map.”  Hahaha, I got this!  First thing, this morning..  It hit me, cycles… 
I “used to” get battered for instilling and perseverating on the pro’s I used to recite witnessing the benefits of “psycho-analyzing” my tendency to operate, function in, and look forward to riding the wave of ups and downs related to my energy levels.
Cycles are a good thing!  I told many about that.  Hence, see last week’s explanation of the Distribution Phases of Wyckoff’s method of interpreting coin prices and market manipulation.

Now look at the green arrows and forward momentum of the currencies on my watchlist!  Growing value here equals growing value of my account.  Just today, the net worth of my coin account brushed $1600 again.  I see growth!  I acknowledge growth and I validate that growth along with physical, mental and spiritual growth.  Have a great week!

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