What’s it going to be today?  Huh!?

The usual muzzle, or Sedative-7?  We’re all in the looney bin, ok!?  Some of us actually see this departure from reality as a warranted break.  Some of us don’t.  I am not here to tell you how to feel.

I feel bad collectively speaking.  Each one of us has our own strengths and areas to improve in.  I am rough around the edges AND I am prone to harping on, relentlessly critiquing, and redefining analysis.  Today, I’ll try wearing the hat of compassion for a bit bright and early, ok?

Fruit flies, please swarm me when you sense sweetness in my output.  Barracudas, spawn.  Tigers, I’ll do my best to stay out of your way walking through the jungle.  Hummingbird, my friend, stay motionless.  Alligator, help me help you reach those dingy molars.  You all have my pager number, so you all know I am within reach.  It’s hard for me to chase you all at once.   I hope you understand.  I want you all up close to me, calm and open to grooming.  I will get to you all, if you give me enough time.  Each of you running in different directions is going to make this incredible journey that much more exhausting.  Please, be patient.

We are all beautiful masterpieces handcrafted by God.  Sincerely, I mean that.  Ask our friend, the white tiger, the more illusive y’all try to be, the less ambitious  I, for one will be trying to piece together any and all clues needed to find you again.

In this blatant analogy, I am playing the part of King Louie!  “I wanna walk like you…”  I am not the absolute best at talking yet either.  Norms.. social and maturity scaled norms are always being reached for.  Grace, I am still learning how to share that more honestly.  I am no stranger to the lions, tigers and bears either.  They’re a rowdy bunch.  If I could whisper to each of them cautiously that I, cherish and adore them all from afar I would.  We all need to come together and work together hard so every cup of mud dries in earnest to hold and support those around us.  I know I’m heavy.  A schematic, outlining what each of our hearts needs taped to our foreheads would serve us all well I believe.  Them, finding me or lining up in a single file line too would seem dainty wouldn’t it?

Have a great day!


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