If you are ready to increase your satisfaction and comfort…

If you are ready to increase your satisfaction and comfort levels, stay tuned. Moving forward today, I will share my personal suggestions and insights on the world of coin and your next investment. I am not a financial advisor. Own your actions and decisions.

Crypto, it seems is subject to price volatility… (here’s your sign). Market manipulation is the word I’m thinking of. Join the club, the water’s fine. Do what’s best for you. I fell asleep last night thinking…

Now, if I were to advise an individual on their next bet and we were to have two $5,000 chunks of money I’d set the … to SCOOP UP SOME MATIC – AND ETH, WHICH IS DROPPING. MATIC has been on a tear lately! I have $85 in MATIC right now!

Pay attention to ETH. I’m looking forward to that falling too! A couple hundred at ETH when it bottoms out will look very good in a few weeks when it pumps. Drink you juice, Kyle!

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