Good Morning, Muscrats!


Bitcoin broke 63k a bit ago.

Ethereum’s trajectory looks positive. Let’s hope it finishes off over 2,200 today.

My LTC wallet is worth more than $200 so that’s definitely in the green for me.

Today’s Table Topic



I’ve decided if I wake up fretting/worrying/ stressing out about how you perceive me doing me, I’m probably going to do my best to remove you from my life. Don’t blame me for you not listening harder. Thanks!


  • Courtney Owens

    Very encouraging

  • Courtney Owens

    very insightful. thanks for the message

  • Courtney Owens

    very insightful

  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    Oh my God Kyle these are the cutest pictures I have ever seen what a handsome man you are beautiful pictures I wish I could take a picture of them and copy them like I don’t know how to do that I’ll have to look I love those pictures that you are something else I love what you said to I gotta understand that it was English it wasn’t I don’t know what the hell language you talk sometimes but guess what I loved it okay I love you keep me posted

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