Good Morning, Muscrats!

Form a line! Single file! I do not like YELLING! Listen up.
I’m ready to up my game. Aren’t you!? Thanks for the hookup Drew! I really enjoyed listening to that podcast WHILE drafting my article for this week.

Ok! Fine. I am behind the 8 ball with many technologies and economies. Put your energy into what you’re good at! Learn to enjoy research and analytics.
This week I plan on researching and jotting down to help me remember, more info on resistance and support levels.

It is cool that I am learning to chill out and enjoy life too!

This weeks poetry:


  • Courtney Owens

    Very encouraging

  • Courtney Owens

    very insightful. thanks for the message

  • Courtney Owens

    very insightful

  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    Oh my God Kyle these are the cutest pictures I have ever seen what a handsome man you are beautiful pictures I wish I could take a picture of them and copy them like I don’t know how to do that I’ll have to look I love those pictures that you are something else I love what you said to I gotta understand that it was English it wasn’t I don’t know what the hell language you talk sometimes but guess what I loved it okay I love you keep me posted

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