Mixed Signals..

Often I find, will damn many things.
First off, I thought princesses didn’t cry.
I feel I’m pretty straight forward with people. I may wait to be asked if I’m scared to admit that, but many times I say too much. “People unable to communicate,” “scaring me” is more than likely one of my bigger hesitations. I will often put my guard up when I don’t feel safe expressing myself, too.

Week in and week out, I do my best to exhibit my strengths and mention most of my efforts are solely based on proving my interests in, caring for and providing for a potential partner in life. I get blasted for that and that affects the building confidence I do have. Empathy for me would include soft speech and encouraging complimenting/ and flattery. I am very scared of third parties overreacting to me actively being sweet/ trying to bring smiles to peoples’ faces.

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  • Steve Keech

    I like this mornings post as it expresses your feelings. However don’t be scared be bold no one will criticize you for that however keep in mind that there is a fine line between boldness and lunacy. Keep you thoughts and feelings real and heart felt but focused on reality, on what you can actually achieve, what is possible.

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