This Is Progress – 03/16/2021

Hahaha… Dummy

Yesterday, I felt really good actually standing up for myself.  I told this girl who was acting like a b.. that’s what she was doing.  I actually just asked her why she was acting that way.  (She was not acting, she behaves the exact same way week in and week out).
Long story short, by the end of group session, I inquired about being assigned to another group.  The group leaders even thought that was a great idea.  Sure, maybe I shouldn’t have sent that question to the group chat that everyone could see, but there were only 4 or 5 people in attendance.

That was on (03/18/2021).  I’m marking that down as the first day I manned up and spoke truth to light in defense of me.  It’s clearly not the very first instance of that but I’m hanging my hat on it!


Heading To The Gym

Post – Gym


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