This Is Progress – 03/16/2021

Eh… wyt

Understand that I’ve been doing everything in my power to move this success meter in the upwards direction. I’ve been doing metaphorical summer salts.
Give. Me. A. Call. Baller.
Stop coming up short when you try remember my house address. I confess I test. Holler
Staying above the fray is something I do. These these barstools not appreciating me. I like to talk things out. I’m about that A B conversation trust.
I’m still holding back because I get disrespected for sharing my heart. Text me once. Press start on the rest of our lives. Ok subject matter recategorized stress me less ma.
I want to call
I’m standing taller. I’m listening in with a stethoscope. I’m calling. Are you answering your mamas home phone number and mailing address. Ok! I’ll shut that door.
Uh my gosh, text meeeee!
If it’s meant to beeeee it’ll beee
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