This Is Progress – 03/16/2021

Yesterday, I learned about puns. Yesterday I had therapy. Yesterday, I had counseling. This morning I have the gym, at 0830. Today, I woke up remembering I am not a mindreader.
These thoughts reinforce my “staying in my lane” mindset.

Please, be open, if I am not reading in between the lines the correct way. I think I speak for more than a few men here. In my head at least, I have zero wiggle room before an uproar, a massacre, before planes start falling out of the sky, if I say the wrong thing, or look at a girl the wrong way”

I am not afraid of you losing control per say, (Sweetie). These Neanderthals around me scare me to death. They are the ones that overreact, fume over my sweetness, BLAH BLAH BLAH.. It makes no difference. Those negative energies… are not adding to the conversation.

I’ll leave them right there. I am able to be mindful, I am able to focus. I am able to let go of non-conducive inputs smearing my character, (names withheld).

I did well in counseling yesterday. We read through the plethora of emails/updates I’ve written since the last time we spoke. I liked that we stayed focused. Dated updates had me reeling a bit. I’m glad I saw myself through those tougher times. Much of that content sounded pathetic to me. It showed me how much I have actually turned the page on certain trials and headaches.

On that note, I think I may need to force myself to let some of my “out-of-character” posts and output, goooo!
At least I’m consistent! You can’t even pay people to be on time anymore.

How I’m the one left skirting around other’s feelings and SENSITIVITIES baffles me. (finger guns)
I think I have an overactive “empathy bone” or two in my body. “Shut up, Tori!” “I think you think you’re a little too perfect to chill around here anymore.”

I love everybody and not everybody is ok with that. #FTB
P.S – If your man is a p#ssy, that might be your fault. I know I’ve been tougher in my past. Constant yelling and screaming tends to wittle us down.

Crosshairs, successfully recalibrated!

Pun Notes:

Interest, interested – banking, “I am interested”
pain, pane – “You are a pain,” windowpane
sale, sail – it’s on sale, hoist the sail
stick, stick – stick you w/ the bill, branch
ball, ball – have a ball, throw the ball
key, key – key to house, key discovery

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  • Steve Keech

    Not bad some questionable words and word ploys but overall my opinion is very positive.

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