I only want to share that portion of my heart with you!
Find me, assure me I’m safe, hint to mutual-endearment and let’s get this thing called a love story going, bro!

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    Your grandson for the first time that you ever said anything or whatever you were doing rap chatting or whatever it was really beautiful thank you for thinking about me thank you so much I hope you’re doing okay one of these days when I get a car coming up to see you I do nothing else I’ll spend some time with you when I get a car how would you like that not that you really want me there I know cuz I’m a pain in the ass I know about that but anyway I wanted to know that I love you okay and I’ll talk to you later I enjoyed that article first time ever cuz I never knew what you were talking about love you much love you more

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