1,2 Punch – Kyle’s Angels

Thanks for the motivation, Sarah!

You’re all done for now!  Go ahead, release the hounds!  You are going to need much more than that to quell these ambitions!  That’s right, I’ll be marching in, stomping in with my AIR FORCE ONES!

Ladies, thanks for accepting my authoritative command of these chumps!  I speak loudly, yell because by the looks of things, they are blind. 

A quick realization or two while showering this morning consisted of increased calf mass, and it’s a bit funny how documenting most, if not all my personal thoughts I shouldn’t feel as bad half-expecting attentive peers to pick up on woes, and vibes.
By reading my posts, you are legit reading my mind.  I wish more candidates for eternal happiness were as upfront with their wants and needs.  I do not read minds, and that’s been documented.

The world knows I am juggling way too many inconsistencies as is.  Dwelling, noted and avoided!
I’ve heard medical professionals even infer I’m in the gym too much.  I’ll deal with that.

It feels great not waking up worried about irrational threats.  I’m staying focused.  I’m in my lane and progressing through life.  Don’t get cranky when this train does not jump the tracks to follow you down a rabbit-hole.
My “walls” seem to be guardrails for others to avoid being run over.  When I see a a damsel waving a white flag above her head like Dido, I’ll reduce my speed.  Until then, don’t blame me for you “playing” too close or on the tracks!  Choo-choo!  Lola, wave that flag!  I can’t find you, anywhere!

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