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Yes “Babe,” I consider myself a genius amongst these fools.  I get so much b#llsh!t for following my heart and constantly shooting YOU my energy/ love and abundance of good vibes.

Ok, dwelling, finished!  This happens every day for me.  I feel closed off.  I feel like a goldfish swimming around in his own bial and filth, never having a way to reach you and say my knees hurt, praying.

I’m sittin here on my bed not feeling fed by any extension of the word.  Birds fly around me and tweet because they’re doing flips connecting the dots.  I tried.  I could not do it. 

I have to speak in tongues yet for one misspelling in my encyclopedia-length love letter, gets those paid to help me, to cut my heart out and stomp on it every single day!

OK! Now let’s see how great of a day I have having actually expressed myself honestly.  I’d love for those not encouraging me to love you specifically to get up and vanish.  I’d love you holding my hand.  I’d cry if you asked me if I was scared.

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    How are you doing today my handsome grandson I hope you’re okay I miss you I miss everybody one of these days maybe who knows I might just surprise you I hope you’re enjoying your new home at the beach are your vacation home at the beach I should say I hope say hello to everybody for me I’ll talk to you soon my mom

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