(Dogs barking intro)(DMX style)

Good morning friends!  Today is the start of a brand-new week!  Don’t mess it up!  It’s chilly in my neck of the woods.  Therapy, lunch, nap… gym later?  Most likely.

For lunch today, I will be preparing some succulent chicken to go with my chicken and rice. Lately, I’ve been doing better managing my inconsistent thought patterns to always point north. I did that today, yesterday and now I’m two days deep. Progress is the goal. Cycles help me get there. All past drama does incinerate and get redirected to move my @ss that much faster.

11-2 CRT
2-3 NAP
3:30-6 GYM

M – Therapy at 11, Gym at 3:30

T – Train Dakota at 5:30p

W – Therapy at 9

Th – Steps at 12:30, Climbing at 5:30p

F – Undecided

Made lunch DURING THERAPY today. This took me less than 15 minutes. Made it, ate it and cleaned it up independently.


Awww… Yea, I consider biting my tongue repressing my emotions!

That’s on me, fine. Do you blame me for thinking people are too delicate to discuss distain?
I bite my tongue allll the time. Yeaa, I’m uncomfortable expressing my feelings when all I get is negative feedback. Fondness, disgust, hopes, longings, how I feel…

  1. I like girls. I enjoy showing sensitivity to open hearts. Certain people, MOM, TORI, JACKIE, ERNIE, NANCY, PRINCESS DI, all you fucker$ scare/ scared the sweet, caring, compassionate gentlemanliness out of me. I’m scared to be nice to people because you ass#oles enjoy overreacting, I guess.
  2. I am a heartthrob. Angelic, sweet, tough when I need to be, scared to death of people I depend on.
  3. I’ve been staying in my lane. I dare not misstep because most of you jerks will complain about your hours/ money not adding up. I clock you all in and out btw. I have no advocate. If I could get away with finding/ arranging new help I so would.
  4. Ernie, you d!ck, ruining your daughter’s life like that. Nancy, your voice answering the phone alone is scary. I’ll hang up on you every freaking time. I only tried to care. Take care “Nick.” Good thing I use all “these other hoodlums’” negativity to fuel my ambitions.
  5. This is healthy. Thanks for listening.

Later that day..

Dakota Wilson and I hit CHEST AND TRICEPS

Treadmill (6 minutes)

4 sets of 10 on CHEST PRESS

4 sets of 10 on Triceps Extensions

4 sets of 10 on CLOSE GRIP BENCH

Ask… And you will receive.




These bitches make their own beds. I’ve showed all my distaste. It’s not my fault they omitted my heart felt verses so much I needed to throw nukes!

I’ve written these crack addicts poetry, thrown paper airplanes with hearts on them at them, delivered frkn bouquets…

I’ve gotten threatened so I put my walls UP.

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