The Old One-Two

“This heat wave I’m feeling right now is sickening!”
Shirt, is, coming off! Dammit, I don’t take kindly to freaking nonstop grouching, you grouches.
If something bothers you, write it down, communicate your frustrations in a malleable form and get over it.
Today’s hint will be posed like this…
If you’re yearning for, dying for, wanting nothing more than a headnod or “yes” from me.. try changing up your ask. Give me a “Are you scared Kyle?” “Are you nervous/ fearful/ afraid the world is going to collapse if you mess up?” “Does your inexperience in life leave you biting your nails leaving you hoping for a guiding hand?”
I might bite my lip and make shy eye contact but you will definitely see my head break the horizontal plane and give you everything you want.

Tell me what you want me to say. Tell me everything will be ok, don’t be scared, do not worry about a thing..

Today is Day Two this week. Treadmill, Bicep Curls, Forearm Pushdowns, Tricep Extensions… Skull Crushers!
“You got money bruh?” Noo. One thing that bothers me is trusting people these days either gets you handled with love and care, and sensitivity OR gets you robbed, involved in identity theft, scammed out the ass and afraid of the world.

“Here, I’m a complete stranger who has ties all over the world, want to give me all your bank account information?” Uhhhh, f#ck no. I’m sorry, “Stranger Danger!” Let me blow my intimidation whistle f#cker!

Brilliant idea.. Ima get me a whistle and blow it when I’m scared. Maybe girls will be more empathetic if they know I’m more afraid of hurting their feelings than anything I’ll ever disguise as a reason to shine.
“B!tch, Ima pick the world up an’ Ima drop it on your f#ckin head!!!”

I’m #currently sitting here with my arms over my head because the blockages blocking my flow got rearranged just now! I’m ready to get my hustle going!
I’m not worried about people assuming sh!t they won’t even ask me about or discuss because they won’t read my hesitations in black and white ink. See ya later, faggots!

Believe me there would be none of this drama or concerning distaste in my mouth if individuals actually communicated/ read what I communicated to the world. Y’all should have signed up on “MY” mailing list one of the first freaking times I asked you to.
“Here Kyle, let me place all these landmines all over the place then tell you to start running to catch up to our pack.”
That’s exactly how it is. When you don’t communicate directions/ ever reply to dozens of emails asking for guidance, no sh!t/ “no poop” I’m going to get defensive of the place I’m currently standing!

I feel so good right now! Keep it simple, stupid! #isthisvulnerabilty

Banana and Protein post-session!

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