“Today, I will continue putting an earnest effort into getting stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually. I will state how I feel. I will not be discouraged from evolving into a nurturing man, who adores effort.

I will not be intimidated into holding back.  I gave them all a rest.  Oftentimes “them” and all references of “they” refers to the list of individuals I can hardly feel an ounce of effort from.  “Stop sitting on the sidelines bruh!”

Dearheart, please “let it go.” I can only be as transparent as possible. Please, see me. I’ll love ya from afar every day of my life as long as you promise one day, you’ll be my..
I’ll raise that white flag. Please continue being a partner in crime in my dreams. I got the gym to get to this morning. Chest muscles, biceps? Triceps? I’m not even going to shower until after I leave that place a mess. Come onnnn, I wanna feel ya. P.S, reassurance is the cure to me being sc’erd, me stalling and me not coming through.
I am actively fighting real life troubles all while the insecurities of others erect walls I can only stare straight up at. “They” like to create obstacles and distractions and insecure feelings in my heart that scare me.
if you’re in it to win it too, we’ll make it. I hope we see each other’s eyes in a matter of weeks.”

ChocolateBanana-Pancakes! Coming Up!

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