Like The Wolf

“Baby…” Lol, howl howl. Today’s creative output will put my stats up against the wild, mangey, slightly lucid/ rabid wolf marking his territory everywhere it goes! Last I checked, I hit the power button on my computer at 0645.
I rolled out of bed, washed my face and brushed my teeth in lightening speed. I’ll plan on completely cleaning my pores out and limbs after this morning’s gym session. It is Day 1 all over again! Legs.. Extensions, curls, heavybag, running on the treadmill, want something done? Throw it in this cage!

Any and all instances of buffoonery you can recall on my part, let that go! Do what you teach. I was probably working through rubbing my eyes yet. I love raising the bar on myself, but please avoid expecting things you won’t lift a finger to get yourself! I’ll be the leader of the pack, hunting, stalking and walking but I’ll hardly tolerate cubs that ain’t mine let alone female co-stars trotting and sniffing the pee of other hungry K-9’s. Hence, exclusivity dating me, breeding and eating alone shows respect. Anything else is the reason you’ll find yourself hugging the curb.
Trust, around here is not cheap. Go ahead, drink my milk, my cereal is already nice and wet for me.

Post-session I also drank 25 additional grams of protein to boost development.

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