Yea.. I’m Sorry II.

“FIX YOUR FORM, dammit!” Come on, vibe with me getting into the coaching mindset!
Gosh, is it not all our responsibilities to hold ourselves accountable anymore!? Why am I picking up on you slacking when I don’t even hear a thing from you when I do reach out? That is on you.

Knowing I’m staying consistent erases all fears of lackluster performance on my part. The fact that continuously raising the bar on myself pushes you harder seems like a win-win in my eyes.

I have 180 minutes of brain training today, woot woot!

Hint, if your mental instability adds to mine, you best be making up for it in other ways. (This is exactly why I stay in my lane as often as I can. I’m not perfect)

ALSO: My biceps are huge. I have a tanktop in my walker to change into if this sun wears on me today. Moms brought me a new tank today too. It’s hanging in my room.
This is DAY 1 after a 6 DAY workweek last week! Trainer No. 3 is out of town this morning so if I get there (to the gym today) it won’t be until later on.

Uhm, real quick.. to make sure it is obvious..

If I cannot get ahold of you, especially leading up to gym time, I am not going to continue putting my everything on the line for you.
If you are not reading my emails OR at least skimming my posts, I am not comfortable.
When I catch a hint of stagnation, I often shake ashes and old, rickety furnaces as hard as I can in hopes of producing heat. Stop acting surprised.
I long for discomfort all the time. If you don’t feel it in you to assure or reassure, that’s fine with me. I hope you continue to keep seeing gains when I pull out. Have a good week! Bye!

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  • Steve Keech

    Good poetry, some better more positive items would be even better. You may want to combine the positive comments into uplifting poetry with your skills I bet it would be awesome.

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