Today’s initial affectionate output:

Hey Drama, hey beautiful mamas, hey trauma-inducing gals no one likes me talking about,

I hope you all have a good day. I’m leaving for the gym in 90 minutes or so for 90 minutes or so. Today is Day 4 this week. I hit legs a bit every day this week. 5 minute sets on the treadmill, leg extensions at 30, hamstring curls at 15, I’m blooming like a flower.

Today’s treadmill sets added up to 5 minutes. Shoulder work added to chest sets. Shoulder presses followed fixed pulldowns. I surprised my trainee today with 40 lb. shoulder press and 60 lb. pulldowns.

The only piece of dwelling I’ll include here is stating, “Hey girls, get ready. I’m about to be coming at you at a whole new angle. No worries but hey um, one fact: The more you run and avoid guys like me/ true gentlemen, the more we look like heathens giving you what you want, pursued.

Y’all better drop your walls and come meet us in the middle. Have a good day!

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