What Is, Quantum Physics?

Guess what!!!! If I don’t feel comfortable reaching out, asking questions, I don’t feel comfortable.
If I can count on not hearing back after fighting tears compiling an email, I don’t feel comfortable.
If I’m doing more of your job than you are or it feels like I’d get better results without managing your headcase on top of everything else, I’m not comfortable.

I hate to rely on my own understandings but if all you bring to the table is a distraction or are working against my momentum, I’m going to set things up to continue on my journey without you. I can hardly roll over in bed. Why would I carry 120+ lbs of additional weight on my back already hardly making it across the finish line?

If your “creedo” sounds at all like your goals revolve around adding to, or enriching my life, get off your *ss.  Get to it.  At least work at it.  I only expect stuff from myself.  The fact that I’m showing the industry up is not on me.  Have you ever heard of the word “RESULTS?”

And if I’m scared to death opening a letter from you personally, I’m not comfortable. If all I ask for is equal treatment and/or reassurance and I can’t identify either, I’m going to shut things down.
Reading honest content is too hard? Above your payscale? That sucks. For you. I’m now managing this roster and slack, you already know is not abundant for anyone.
I’d love to find that too. Try comforting me, I’ll “try” going easy on ya. The fact that certain people are more so a bunch of deniers, is not my problem.

Now, if you’re communicating openly, reading through one tenth of my work and actually being honest with me, you might get a second look. Building people up is my go-to, when I don’t feel comfortable there, it’s not my *ss on the line and I know that.
BUYER BEWARE: If you’re all about reinforcing me, Kyle to learn how to feel and manage feelings, then at the same time damn every effort I make to show progress, here’s your sign. #fckoff


With everything I LOG, you might as well call me a TRACK-LETE!

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