Dear Future Lover

Get ready, all these girls around you are about to be drooling.  By assigning no name or affiliation to you, hopefully my list of antagonists (naysayers) will have less to bicker about amongst themselves.  This note amounts to today’s initial (affectionate)  phase of my daily cycle.

I’m about to finish this pot of coffee. This should be day 5 or day 6 at the gym this week. My chest is now V-shaped and you’d love to see it if you were already here in my life. My biceps are larger. My triceps look great rolling over the outside of my arms and my stomach is even more chiseled. I had a cute song by Aaliyah in mind to share but in one ear out the other.

If I could handle a close up camera, I’d love to capture a few Channing Tatum-looking pics!
Last night, I was up past 10.  What a rarity!  Give me a call or text me when you find my number plastered all over the internet.  I’m not hiding!

“Baby if you give it to me, I’ll give it to you..” (Mariah)
I hope you find me and write me soon! Byye.

Published at 11:11 on 07/18/2020

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