It’s a start

Personal Truths

Please accept this list of truths sincere and important to me:
1. I opened my eyes at 4:44 am this morning. I was brewing that pot of java by 4:47. If you are cranky because you’re “tired” I could care less.
(NOTE: I just censored that last sentence)

Take 1

2. If I’m afraid to show my feelings, I probably won’t.
a. I have no issue giving credit to those who I feel have added to the misunderstanding that I’m being shunned, brushed to the side and not given respect.
I. I am more afraid of being sued and/or sent to jail than is constructive.
II. One of the only legs I stand on is that I am less afraid to berate and share honest feelings if I’m dealing with ridiculous demands.
III. One of the biggest opportunity costs I weigh is LONG TERM UTILIZATION vs. SLIM CHANCES OF BLISS, sorry ladies!
b. I already have a f#cking list of antagonists I feel have done more emotional damage than they’re even worth!
– That’s it.
(You “associates” can kiss my f#cking ass!)
Hint: If you are censoring every other word in my letters to you and your company without even following up with a “why do you feel this way? I want to hear more on why you feel that way. You are not worth my time, consideration, or grace.

Today should be day 1 manning my tomato shop. Stop by!

(Go ahead tell the world you had no idea I struggled with YOUR lack of transparency since day one)

At this point, I am consciously giving myself just enough room for error to constructively express my hurts and build on them DAILY.
At this point, I am more at ease getting an enormous amount of frustration out in my writing each day before a good day.

If my posts don’t rub you right AND you’re over letting stuff go, feel free to unsubscribe. I don’t want to burden you with “my facts,” pussy.

If you are reading this post in hopes of me shooting myself in the foot saying I love individuals.. relax! Here ya go.. I love everybody INCLUDING YOU!
I love you Diane!
I love you Nicole!
I love you Sarah!
I love you Darian!

You can all accept that LOVE or suck it. Have a great day!

Go ahead tell your sweet daughter that “never worked for a rehab center” I’m still doing great, ROMANTICIZING a person that “I NEVER WORKED WITH ONE ON ONE!” Thanks. I hope she smiles more and more reading how much I HAVE LOVED HER SINCE DAY ONE! MAKE SURE YOU ARE BOTH SIGNED UP ON THAT MAILING LIST!


Uhhh.. ladies, gentlemen. Attention to the front of the classroom please.

This is your captain speaking. In this exercise let’s point out some truths we may have overlooked in passing. This tape will be called secret relationships101a

101b explains that not including partner a in any discussions while b, c, d, e and f paint the town night after night and sleep with everyone may cause few to overlook a lot.

That’s fine. Who was I to think ill of lifestyles? She brought gifts like a wiseman. Books, I sent her digitally so the run could stay able. She never said hi once outside of work. She lived a fast life. I stepped out of the way.

She taught me to not expect ever and Hope for everything. I still hope she will let me into her world. I hope she will reach out and help me calm my nerves before speaking. I hope she will leave me a way to get ahold of her without calling her parents home phone. I hope she will text me. I hope.. all the time.”


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