Hey Jezzerbell…

Oh boy, today is the start of the rest of my life! For real!!! I went ahead and created a new page for my tomato stand/ SHOP this morning. I’ll share the temporary url at the end of this post!
Anyways, actually writing this post goes against my notable progress as in I had hung my hat on the fact that I woke up mentally drafting this post and then I said LET IT GO!
I was going to erect my walls, cock my cannons and put a hard hat on in order to at least attempt to get an understanding of my maniacal methodology.
I dropped half a poptart. <—- me, trying to divert my attention on struggles into juggling mattresses.

Defensive Statement of the day:

Things would have worked out smoother than silk if I could have reached you, put effort into building trust/ gotten to know the family.  There couldn’t be an US if it was only me half the time and only you the remaining.  (I AM still hoping you break down my door, point at me and tell my gang that cat is mine!)  Be Assertive!  Please..

I’m looking forward to actually discussing us.  I am left telling my crew not to worry whenever they question me showing dedication. Baby!

I’m left talking to myself, proving my strengths in a mirror strictly because I gotta act like I don’t care when I wanna give it all to actually deserve you.



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