No Days Off

Yea, these race tracks in your yard look pretty bad. Especially when it rains, huh!?

My engine is just getting warmed up for the day so please just stop. My mechanic told me there is no problem getting my rounds in and unsettled nerves out simply spinning my wheels.

The ups and downs are what I’m working on keeping my cool through.  This is just my start today so please stop expecting drastically different inputs and results. I’m on a winning streak and I really wish to not change up my tactics for domination. 

I have singing lessons to get psyched up for this afternoon. 

(Hey Jealousy)


And, toots.. lean back. I got this. Don’t worry about a thing! Go on tell those who find issues, to try to bring me down nonstop, I’m not stopping. Ever. I’m in my lane and I’m not bothering anyone at all. They ought to be proud I’m staying preoccupied. #SorryMom

This racetrack gets redundant I know but with each round I make, I swear I’m getting/ learning how to handle more control and compassion towards the unsettled Earth.
Thanks for listening. Talking things out off the track really helps me.

06/27/2020 –
15’s and gloves

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