It’s just a draft, RELAX!

Hey Squid! 🦑
Thanks for sticking to my hook. This surf is rough.
I keep throwing you, pushing you away.
The waves constantly crashing and bashing you leave me guessing how you stay together.
I was up before the sun. 4a hadn’t even rung.
Honestly, I couldn’t sleep anticipating dipping you in my chum.
These birds flocking got me biting my nails thinking they were squawking about someone else.
Decipher my notes. Try communicating. Just give me a sign of your ability to make sharks come.
1st coffee just about done. Cup two poured independently shows I wouldn’t need to stop to fill up.

That’s how much we have in common. I kinda still “like” you. Simply telling me that’s what you wanted would have saved us both a sh*tload, a boatload of wept tears and chugged beers. Eminem, come on, give me the heat! Get me out of this seat. Tell me that you believe. Or just leave like she did without even trying to reassure me. My colored sticky pads and black and white pens don’t get used with being corrected. Note, I’m right here. I tried heatseeking missiles, autocock rifles and grenades. I got more shade than the equinox shows on the paved road.

I’m freaking out currently because I’m fire. As soon as I shower I’m gonna light these lyrics on fire, post them all over the internet and make up girls that desire me back. They won’t hide. They won’t deny. They won’t bring everybody but me an open phone line to reach you at.
I transcribed my mission plan daily, did you not see it? There’s no hate. Blame me for dodging lawsuits and cops being called all you want. That’s called self-preservation.

My tackle still jingles because I’m still single. Chip in, pringle. Forgive me for feeling icky touching slime. I don’t eat sh*t that’s not mine. Ya, if it were an option I’d hit rewind and spit all over you to mark my territory aka what’s mine.
The door is always open, bro. It’s out! Have a good day!
Too bad I’m gonna end up a Doctoral graduate before you come back to it.

Here’s the beat. Try out those vocals!

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