Forget It, Miss

Awww.. You’re upset getting briefed on my satire?
Shut uuuup, it’s helping. I would not even be close to where I’m at now, in terms of progress if I didn’t do things my way.

Plus, I’m having a blast. Words like, nicknames like “b!tch,” “dumb@ss” and “numbskull” better not cause ya to give up on everything, quit and hide. It’s probably taken too long to make sure all you “nancies” understood that. I’M SORRY!

I’ve never been so on top of things mentally! Maybe it took the whole freaking world to slow down for me to catch up but my embers are getting heated every morning until I get up, shower, eat, lift and write daily. Cycle these days. They’ll be paying soon enough. My portfolio is growing. I got plans all day these days. I KISS, keep it simple stupid. MY house currently allows me to stick to my routines and increase efficiency.
I’m smiling hard and grinning harder. Hopefully she sees the growth she pushed the first domino down on. I’m so grateful and appreciative. It stinks feeling my flashbangs and flares do not get seen. Motivating me is now as easy as putting a tough cookie in front of me and letting me work my way to the soft, caramel center. Charm is no. 1 in my arsenal. Sweet logic and love letters come next. I get in so much freaking trouble by business-professionals taking my endearment too seriously and thinking it’s about them. “b!tch!”
Have a good day!

Oh, and hey “BEAUTIFUL” yeah you.. this post right here metaphorically unlocks the chains adding to stagnation. I love you soo freakin much.
It’s not my fault people like to flip TF out and ruin a mans best efforts to add comfort to your life/ increase satisfaction with his diction and passion. Thanks!

PS – I slept on a pillow wrong. I woke up with my shoulder blade aching. I looked great flexing in the mirror though!

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