It’s Day 3, __!

Fill in the missing lines yourself. Apparently, I’m “being too tough” on some. Whatchu know about dat?
As it implies, today is the third day in a row I’m going to be taking “my medicine” later in the day.
Don’t sweat it. I think I’m doing better. I’ve recalibrated myself to start waking up at 0400 on the dot.

As my notepad reads, the coffee stopped perking at 4:33. I drank ONE CUP! (Bows)
The fact that I’m up “working” before many even subconsciously feel the urge to think about using the restroom for their “morning pee” is none of my business.

“They see me rolling.”
“They hatin,’ patrolling.”
“And tryin try to catch me riding dirty….”

I don’t know whatchu heard about me. But b*tch you can’t getta dolla out of me..

OK, well that sums up today’s ruminating! On and off for a good 80 minutes with all that other junk in there is pretty good if you ask me. I did NOT perseverate over much at all this morning. Constantly noting how mindful you are being, DOES NOT mean you are ruminating on that topic.

Check out the lyrics to Jesus Walks by Kanye. A good percentage of those words are nonsense adding effects and clout. That kind of sounds like my writing. Again, I’m not worried.
I can make your bedrock.. She like tannin’, I like staying in… GET OUTTA HERE! Y’ALL COME BACK, YA HEAR!? Bye.
(This WILL probably be the third post I refer to in my next email to my counselor)
I am consciously working my @ss off behind the scenes. I kind of want that effort seen but then we’d all be too tired to get a single thing done without supervision making sure we don’t fall showering.

Today IN THERAPY, i should be preparing Mac and Cheese/Tuna Casserole.

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