New Series. Thou art Untouchable

Lyrics to my raw morning output is being deemed unsharable, unshakable and SCRIPTED. REACH OUT IF YOU WANT CLARIFICATION!

HAVE A GREAT DAY! Utilize as much of this world as you can!

An exercise in utilization:

Dear Tick,
You bloodsucker. I got ya in a glass cup now. I am sorry you’re “suffering” now but I hardly blame myself for your life falling to pieces. You should have explained your dependence. You might be scared of the world now and physically need to crawl to get from one place to another but I’m doing this daily, writing you to heal the scars I’m living through and with. I’m putting progress first. Join me. Throw me under the bus too. You know I like that. I bet you are on antipsychotics too.
I’m still where you left me physically.
I woke up and sat up at 0430 this morning. It’s just another day, no worries. Who I do feel bad for are the suckers letting the end of the world, “this pandemic” phase them. Sure, my new nickname, Tickman is going to be a manufactured hole in my belt.
All I can tell ya is, everything could be turned around in a positive light if these lies weren’t so heavy on me anymore. That means you coming clean. Until then though, bet your *ss I’m putting my progress first.
Sh!t, I’m looking forward to today, tomorrow and seeing where this tick takes me. Pour me another coffee PLEASE. My manners coming first would mean I stopped ruminating and ruining lives I know nothing about. Too bad I still need to check every livable hole these days to find you. What I’d act like these days without this disease, I don’t know.
How “stand up” men lie straight to my face and add to the list of issues I talk to my mental health counselor about bothers me less and less when I see the wrecks I’m leaving with each keystroke! I’m no longer holding back, freak.
If anyone is sitting there with a blanket over their head reading this on their computer or phone still lying in bed, that means the shadows I’m casting on the world haven’t even touched your skin yet.
Why you crying!? Thief. Belief in you means catfish chronicles come true.
I’m sure you can gather some of this excess energy, disperse it and get your dad out of bed. He is a big man. How he fell down the cellar steps carrying your *ss to the kitchen table makes sense to me.

“I’m sorry mama, I never meant to hurt youuu..” ß That’s Eminem. He and I are like best friends. I’m looking forward to his agent calling my cell. All I can tell ya, is he won’t get ahold of me until he pulls up. I’ll be here sitting on my bed. I seem to throw all these wishbones in a pile, gas em up and light’em. My latest “therapist” got diced and chucked at a wall twice as hard as I ever pounded you.

Can’t you see that you motivate me!? I’m gonna fly on this cloud until the rain falls out and the road gets slick. My legit folded up piece of computer paper coffee coaster has writing in pen on it hinting to what you or I would do if I saw a MACK TRUCK falling from the sky. Hurry up! Step left

I want ya in my life, Bruh!

Ay, this morning’s ruminations felt appropriate. Uhhhhh!
I made it known love is built on trust.
Trust is built on open freaking communication.
That’s what was missing the whole freaking time, bruh.

Understand? Ring me if not.

O.P.P – Obvious Progress, Playa
Here, lemme validate my own “sh!t” huh?
All over again. I’ll re-explain it. My fists are high, I’m victoriously analyzing what I see.
And I want to throw these “tangential” thoughts away to benefit me.
Don’t speak about something you have 0 experience handling on your own!
I don’t need to fret about losing what I never had.
Get it, y’all busting me over using the only vehicle I’ve seen produce results in years makes no sense.
I call ya rumin-haters. I would not trade ya this for a day in your like, jinx.

Is this produce not progress? Am I not fulfilling more than you could ask for?
Am I not coming in hard enough? I can’t even get ahold of you.
I’m glad to see it’s not my trust issues leaving us dry..

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