Over Par?


Over Par?

Huh!? How’s that gonna work? This isn’t golf, bro.. Before I even think about dropping my swing count, you should bet I’m going to get as many long-distance, practice swings that I can in. (That is how it works!) Count on that!
Why would I not build on yesterday’s successes eight days a week (when I’m in the perfect climate and conditions)? Not taking full advantage of elevated down-right incubator-styled environments when I can, would make me look and feel kind of moronic.
You are correct, sometimes opportunity costs stink. Weighing those costs is often draining to a point where coming up with a go-to response is the easiest thing to do. Hence, now you know the stress-reducing simplicity of the term “keep pushing” has in my life.

This week I figured out a few things too. Lifting weights and writing are exactly how I deal with and overcome stress. The gyms have been closed for OVER A MONTH, excuse me for looking like and acting like a rabid wolf or chimpanzee locked up for life. Nothing else really needs to be said but I’d really like to acknowledge my recognition of a brand-new term to me.
Metacognition is “thinking about thinking,” analyzing your thought processes, and evaluating your H.O.T.S (Higher Order Thinking Skills) to INCREASE EFFICIENCY. … “Don’t worry about it!”


  • Also at about 7a this morning, I stood in my crutches independently for over 60 seconds!

    Before I forget, Wednesday evening this week (05/06/2020) I fell and knicked the crown of my head. I’m blooming like a flower! All I know is I thanked God as soon as I hit the ground and realized how close I was to critically injuring myself. My writing alone is on a whole notha’ level I swear!

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