Hey Sweetpea,

Please excuse me being AWOL for the past few weeks. I think I am finally starting to come around again. I admittedly felt hushed and ashamed for being so intentionally vulnerable.  I am sipping on some Green Tea right now getting ready to tune into my weekly group meeting then connect with my counselor afterwards.

I told ‘em to watch out for my stretched-out legs. It was an Indy 500 styled pile-up, I swear. Bet, I’m nearing the pinnacle of success in life citing my chiseled chest and renewed receptivity and openness getting an ounce of respect. It feels so good to not hide my emotional wellbeing. My new private journal is getting a lot of use these days! I’m paving the way once again, let’s Hope they stay out of the way and quit hovering over my output/ literary creations and half-baked hallucinations. It’s always been premeditated. I said so on day one that it would appear jaded.
They hated it and shoved me back into a cage. I was not having it, I’m still not but hopefully this one post will be read and will illuminate the space between the lines on this page.
I hope for my sake they encourage me to step out of my room, into the light and up to any disapproving chin trying to pin me after the starting bell from now on!

My new DISCLAIMER WALL looks hesitant for it’s only showing this morning’s glow. My wall being recognized by my COGNITIVE THERAPIST as a great tool felt good too! Too bad I missed a month or two of constant progress trying to analyze and re-analyze my missteps to only find out these antagonists efforts to “shun” me have fallen flat. Haha, they hate that word. My roof is on fire! I’m not here to grow tired. :Pushing everybody’s buttons temporarily may just be the start, so they should get comfy.

Backstep? I slide back from time to time knowing my comeback will on point, on fire and so far out of reach THEY’LL need to take a seat. Moving on!

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