Canvas01 – (VENTING)

“I honestly don’t know why I feel so let down by those on this page.  Initial support was good no doubt but then I’m called out for not following through… you wish you had half the dedication I possess. 
everyone on this page has left me more insecure than when I started with them. Promise the world.. my stomach is in knots worrying about doing my part while you get paid to promise hollow assurances. Bust. 



How much do I need to beg for assistance?   Promising prioritization,  PLEASE 



Go ahead, call me out for blasting you on a  site you don’t check regularly. Especially after I’ve told you this was coming. Go on. Say I’m lying. Feel good about it too. I’m on my freaking knees still. 
I seriously don’t know why it always feels like I’m the one accommodating you. 

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