Sharpening Stones

So, you got up and quit the game after I saw you needing a break and voluntarily took my foot off the gas/ looked out for your best interest.  Priceless.  I’m just glad I can move like a duck above these turbulent waters.


Let’s get focused, team.  My goal is to see us all make progress.  For you it may be physical growth, mental preparedness, increasing what you bring in or honing in on a lifelong struggle or two/ finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Let’s just say my idea of progress is adding to each area in my life.  Too bad you missed certain hints that I underlined and bolded in my writing to date that anticipated me shedding slack  

If you are smart, you will discuss your goals with me and try your best to figure out a way we  can align more efficiently and get in the same lane so we can help each other work on our goals together.  One of my only frustrations was and still is if I even appear to favor you getting what you want out of life, work to help you reach certain goals, I get hundreds of fury browed feminists and skeptics calling the cops saying I’m a predator.
Another note, that I have zero problems illustrating more clearly this morning..  At this point in my life, I consciously do a lot of grouping.  I’ve already had enough trying to appease more than 2 or 3 parties at once.  If I had more courage and will to work through the unsteady waters, I’d be fully invested in finding a mate to help me accomplish my goals first.  That’s on the back burner until that comes to me or I make enough notable progress on the other items on my checklist first.  As far as that grouping goes, you might find yourself in those that want to see me succeed, in a group of distractions or in a group of people I consider milestones that I see as sharpening stones.  Need I say more?!  Have a great week!

Write on this daily, Kyle!
know it’s fiction. Don’t be shy to get creative!

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  • Please don’t hold it against me for running with the bits of info and misleading headfakes you give if I haven’t arrived at your doorstep yet.
    Transparent honesty would be great. I can’t make things up and hit the bullseye ALL THE TIME! Thanks!

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